Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

Vegetarian Bento Contest on

My Vegetarian Bento Contest entry filled with fried Maultaschen, the german (well, swabian) version of Let's-put-stuff-into-pasta-wrappers. These babies are from a batch i made and frozen last week with button-mushroom-and-shallots-cream-ragout yummy-fied with tarragon-mustard and stabilized with Panko (instead of Breadcrumbs); milk-steamed Broccoli, sprinkled with Linseeds; half an Ajitama egg; balsamic pickled Baby-Onions sprinkled with Thyme; Cherry Tomatoes; red and yellow grapes; a Petit Four and Yogurt with blueberries decorated with Sage blossoms from my window sill.
Go have a look at or it's sister site Awesome sites for all interessted in japanese home cuisine.

Mittwoch, 7. März 2007

So I have a blog now ...

... and i have nothing to say ...

Honestly, i don't think my thoughts are that unique that the world is just waiting to hear them. I only got this account coz they wouldn't let me comment on another blog otherwise. Wonder how much one-entry-blogs there are accounted to that reason ...

If you are really interested in my opinion, meet me.
Real Life or elsewhere online. I'll freely tell you whatever is on my mind. Get me drunk and you're likely receive an extended rambling on the state of the world, politics in general, evilness of corporate religion, importance of seizing the joys of life (right now an unexpectedly SPECTACULAR sunset is crowning this dull rainy day) and the fascination of the comic medium. Accompanied by hugs and some moist smooches. I get snuggly when i'm drunk.

PS You guessed it. I'm not a native english speaker