Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

Vegetarian Bento Contest on

My Vegetarian Bento Contest entry filled with fried Maultaschen, the german (well, swabian) version of Let's-put-stuff-into-pasta-wrappers. These babies are from a batch i made and frozen last week with button-mushroom-and-shallots-cream-ragout yummy-fied with tarragon-mustard and stabilized with Panko (instead of Breadcrumbs); milk-steamed Broccoli, sprinkled with Linseeds; half an Ajitama egg; balsamic pickled Baby-Onions sprinkled with Thyme; Cherry Tomatoes; red and yellow grapes; a Petit Four and Yogurt with blueberries decorated with Sage blossoms from my window sill.
Go have a look at or it's sister site Awesome sites for all interessted in japanese home cuisine.

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